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Welcome to my Blog!

This has been quite the year with the worldwide pandemic due to Covid-19. Like other countries, the United States issued a nationwide lockdown and a shelter in place order.

Even today, most counties in California are in another strict shelter in place. As someone who is at high risk due to having muscular dystrophy and breathing on a ventilator, since March I9th, I have spent the majority of this year at home and in self-quarantine.

This time at home gave me the incentive to finish my first self-published book, ADA & ABA Illustrated Guide to Parks and Trails. This time also helped me organize short stories I had written over the years and to start having those published in 2021.

The purpose of my blog is more than about showcasing my published books and future novels. I plan on writing and showing photos of access problems I have encountered over the years. One of the main reasons I became a disability advocate was to bring attention to these problems that affect those with disabilities every day.

As a nature photographer, I will have a page with photos of birds and many of the parks and accessible trails that I have visited.

I will continue to post reviews and videos of accessible trails and parks on my other blog, Adventures from a Wheelchair.


Let us hope 2021 will be a much better and healthy year.


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