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Story Dreaming

Most authors have their unique style of writing their novels. The way I write a book is to have a solid idea of what the story will be about. Who will be the main characters, and what is the story's location. From that, I open a text document, and the story develops as I continue to write. I don't know what the next paragraph will be about, or the next chapter, and how the story will end. I just kept writing until the very end.

I have started writing my fourth book, Mystery at Badger Lake, which features the main character using a wheelchair. This time though, there is a change in how the story is being developed. I am using story dreaming.

One way to describe story dreaming is that it is kind of like daydreaming, only it is more detailed, focused, and emotional.

Story dreaming is like being a movie director who instructs the main characters how to act, what to say, what kind of outfit they should wear, and so on. I am creating a story, but instead of the words showing up on a computer scene, the words turn into a visual movie scene in my head.

I am very connected with each of the characters during story dreaming, and I'll sometimes start laughing at a funny scene or get teary-eyed during an emotional event in the story.

A few days ago, I realized that part of the story didn't work. I was mentally stuck and didn't know what to write. After an hour of story dreaming, I created a new scene that integrated with the story perfectly.

With less time this year being able to use the computer, my new writing method helps keep the story flowing, adds value to my book, and gives me more time to write.

The eBook and paperback will be coming out in the Spring of 2023.


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