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My Review of 2021

Even though I am a writer, I cannot think of one word to describe my year. The overall feeling was that 2021 was a repeat of 2020. However, the main difference was that I was more productive.

Like last year, I spent about 75% of 2021 sheltered in place. This is mainly because one of my doctors reminded me that I am in the high-risk category due to having Rigid Spine Syndrome disease. I told him that I had been vaccinated, his response was, "You need to act like a hermit." And so, I did.

Staying at home, though, didn't deter me from self-publishing my first book, ADA & ABA Illustrated Guide to Parks and Trails, on January 7th. It took me over two years to put this book together. As an accessible advocate, I am very proud and thankful that I contributed to having an easy-to-use book that showed all the Federal standards for making parks fully accessible.

On April 23rd, I self-published my second book, Journey To The Rainbow Tribe Gathering: A Hitchhiker's True Story. The book was based on the daily diary that I kept when my friend and I hitchhiked from Oregon to Montana and the adventures we experienced, both good and bad.

In 2020, I partnered with Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority. First, I created a couple of PowerPoint presentations about my favorite accessible trails. The other one was about the health benefits of nature. Both were available to the public using the Zoom app.

I followed up in 2021 by creating two new presentations. The first one was in June and was called, A Wheelchair Exploration of Ulistac Natural Area. In September, I was honored to be one of the guest speakers for the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority three-part webinar series called Discovering Coyote Valley. My presentation was called Nature Accessibility. Both presentations are now on the YouTube channel.

I am very proud of the production of my Bird on Gray series. I wanted to do my part in helping the millions that were financially affected by the pandemic and needed help from one of many food banks, like Second Harvest. The idea I came up with was to use a few of my bird photos that I had taken over the years and make them into greeting cards. All the money from each card sold would go directly to Second Harvest Food Bank. Also, the person buying a card would have a beautiful greeting card. I am very grateful to my sister-in-law, Carolyn, for letting me sell my greeting cards at her studio: Carolyn Seiler & Friends - An Artists Co-Op, Cocoa, Florida. To date, 63 of my Bird on Gray cards have been sold.

What are my plans for 2022?

I will be publishing my new book, Fate of the Three: A Yukon Survival Adventure. The published date will be mid-February.

1. Around Spring, I will be posting on my Adventures from a Wheelchair blog a review and a

video of the Los Gatos Trail.

2. I am planning to work with Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority on a new PowerPoint


3. Later this year, I will be publishing my 4th book. No title yet, but it will be about a

wheelchair user adventures.

Wishing everyone a healthy and relaxing 2022.

Never Give Up!



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